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J & S Printing & Networking

Office: (562) 440-0989

Email: jose@jspn.info

Upgrade & Repair Old PC
Install more RAM, CDRW,
Upgrade PC Operating
Transfer Data and Programs
Troubleshoot Entire Network
Service Calls Onsite
Setup Firewalls, Routers
Setup Emails, Domains
Synchronise Email Accounts
Network All Computers
Share a Single Cable / DSL
Setup / Maintain Networks
PC Faxing

To Place Your Order

STEP 1. Call Jose for a personal quote (562) 440-0989

STEP 2. Upload your files to ftp with the following instructions:

To upload your files to JSPN, Within Internet explorer 7, In address bar type ftp://jspn.info/

In Windows Explorer 7, click Page, and then click Open FTP Site in Windows Explorer.

User name: ftp45517455-0

PW: clients

Once you have successfully logged into our FTP site simply drag and drop or copy and paste your files into FTP site.

Or use an FTP client such as Core FTP LE

User name: ftp45517455-0

PW: clients

STEP 3. Process Payment